Lotto Rules operates a 5/90 lottery which requires the punter to play a set of 1-5 numbers from 90 numbers.

PRIZE STRUCTURE currently has a reward structure for the different ways of betting as stated below.

Number of Draws Prize Multiplier
Select 1st number drawnX40
Select 2nd number drawnX240
Select 3rd number drawnX2,100
Select 4th number drawnX6,000
Select 5th number drawnX44,000


This means the staker will play on specific set of numbers and in order to win, all the numbers should come out (IN ANY ORDER). If any number is incorrect, there is no winning.

For example, If a staker plays NAP-2, it means he will only give 2 numbers to stake, and those two numbers should come out (ANY ORDER) on the draw in order to win. If only 1 number was correct, no winning.

The same principle for 3-sure, 4-sure or 5-sure. For this type of game, the minimum stake for each ticket should be 50 Naira.


In the case of a NAP-1, in order for the staker to win, the number played must be the first number drawn.

NAP Examples:

Example: If the staker bet on number ‘69’ (NAP 1) at 50 naira, in order to win, ‘69’ must be the first number drawn during the draw. If ‘69’ is the second number or succeeding number drawn, he loses.

Draw Result Sample 1: 69 – 07 – 33 – 77 – 90 (He wins 50 x 40 = 2,000)

Draw Result Sample 2: 07 – 69 – 33 – 77 – 90 (No win)


PERM (Permutation) means a staker can give 3-90 numbers and permute the combination to the best possible set of winning numbers.

In Perm, the minimum stake amount must not be less than 5 naira. Because the stake is per line, not per game. However, the total amount of the ticket must be higher than 50 naira.

Permutation Prize

The Prize Dividend for Perm is the same as NAP, depending on what Perm is played. If he played Perm 2 from xx, prize multiplier is the same as NAP 2 (stake x 240).

If he plays Perm 3 from xx, prize multiplier is same as NAP3 (stake x 2,100).

Permutation Examples:Playing Perm 2 from 3:

If staker plays Perm 3 from xx, staker will give 3 numbers. Meaning, the staker is betting that ANY 2 out of the 3 numbers will come out correct, in any order. If only 1 came out correct, no winning. If all 3 numbers came out, prize money will multiply.

The amount of the stake or bet depends on the permutation. Unlike the NAP, the stake is not on the set of numbers but on the resulting permutations. In the case of Perm 2 from 3, the number of lines would be 3 lines (lines means the number of possible 2-sure combination from the 3 numbers). So whatever the stake amount, will be multiplied against the number of lines.

Perm 2 from 3 = 3 lines

Amount of stake per line: 50 naira

Total amount on ticket: 150 naira (50 x 3)

If 2 numbers out of 3 are correct, winnings: 50 x 240 =12,000

Playing Perm 3 from 5

The staker expects that ANY 3 numbers out of the 5 numbers he played, are going to come out of the draw, in any order. The prize multiplier is the same as NAP 3 (bet x 2,100). If all 5 numbers came out correct, his winning is still base on NAP 3, not on NAP 5, but with additional amount (bonus).

How to compute extra winnings in Perm 1st example:

If a staker played, Perm 2 from 5 at 50 naira per line, he is betting that any 2 numbers from the 5 he gave will win. If 3 numbers came out, instead of 2, the prize money is computed like this:

First, look at the Perm guide. Since 3 numbers came out, we first look at the number of lines for Perm 2 from 3 = 3 lines

Second, multiply 3 lines x 50 naira (bet) = 150 naira

Third, multiply 150 naira x 240 (prize multiplier) = 36,000 naira (winning)

2nd example: Playing Perm 2 from 5, at 50 naira per line.

If 4 numbers came out, instead of just 2, prize money is computed as follows:

First, look at the Perm Guide. Since 4 numbers came out, check how many lines is Perm 2 from 4 = 6 lines.

Second, multiply ‘6 lines x 50 naira = 300 naira’

Third, multiply ‘300 naira x 240 = 72,000 naira’

Calculating the Number of Lines

The table below give an example of how to compute the number of lines from various permutations.