1. How do I create a premierbet.ng account?

You can create an account with us by simply clicking on “Register” button on the top right hand corner of the website.

Fill in accurate details of your personal and other information displayed on the new user registration form which includes a username and password to identify you.

If your username has not been used by another user, you will be assigned a premierbet.ng login credential with which you can sign in and bet immediately.

2. Why am I seeing two wallet balances and what do they stand for?

For your added security, premierbet.ng operates a dual wallet system. A punter can operate with two wallets:

  • Cash
  • Card

Cash wallets are funded by direct deposits into a bank account (see deposits section to learn how to make cash deposits) and withdrawals from this wallet can be processed via any account specified by the punter.

Card wallets are funded via credit/debit cards (see deposits section to learn how to make card deposits) and withdrawals from this wallet are only paid into the card used by the punter to deposit funds initially.

3. How do I make Cash Deposits?

You can walk into any Zenith bank branch (More banks coming shortly) and follow the instructions below.

Fill in the deposit slip as follows:

  1. Account Name : Bia Stellar Concepts and Solutions
  2. Account Number : 1013963061
  3. Depositor’s Name : Your premierbet.ng username e.g. SPORT_PLAYER
  4. Amount : The amount you want credited into your premierbet.ng wallet/account e.g. N500.00

Please ensure all details you provide are correct, especially your username, as transaction amounts are posted instantly into your premierbet.ng wallet and cannot be reversed from the bank.

Hand over the deposit slip and cash to the Cashier.

The cashier should process your payment immediately and amounts deposited at the bank should reflect instantly in your premierbet.ng wallet, if not, kindly contact us.

4. How do I make card deposits?

You can fund your premierbet.ng account with your Visa or Mastercard by following the instructions below.

  1. Click on the Deposit link under your card wallet
  2. Enter your desired Amount and click the Deposit button
  3. This should redirect you to a secured portal where you can enter your card details
  4. Enter your card number
  5. Enter the expiry date on the card
  6. Enter your name as written on your card
  7. Click the next button
  8. Enter the 3-digit security number at the back of your card
  9. Click the next button
  10. Depending on the bank that issued your card, you will need to fill some extra details to secure your card.
5. How do I withdraw?

To ensure your security on premierbet.ng, we have created a dual wallet system. This means you can maintain two wallets at a time. One funded via cash (Cash Wallet) and the other via your credit or debit card (Card Wallet).

Withdrawals from your cash wallet can be done via a bank transfer to the bank account specified by you.

Withdrawals from your card wallet can only be done to the card used to fund your card wallet i.e. the bank account mapped to your debit card

Withdraw from Cash Wallet

To withdraw from your cash wallet, follow the instructions below

  1. Click on the cash wallet
  2. From the drop menu on the wallet, click on Withdraw
  3. The withdrawal form appears
  4. Type in the amount you wish to withdraw
  5. Fill in the account name as specified on the account you wish to withdraw to
  6. Type in your account number (please ensure this is accurate)
  7. Select your bank from the list of banks in the dropdown
  8. Click the withdraw button
  9. Kindly note that withdrawals are processed at specified intervals and may not be instant.
  10. You cannot withdraw more than your current cash wallet balance
Withdraw from Card Wallet

To withdraw from your card wallet, follow the instructions below

  1. Click on the cash wallet
  2. From the drop menu on the wallet, click on Withdraw
  3. The withdrawal form appears
  4. Type in the amount you wish to withdraw
  5. The details of the card to which the withdrawal will be processed is displayed in the dropdown below
  6. Click on the withdraw button
  7. You cannot withdraw more than your current card wallet balance

In order to change the card to which deposits are made, you will have to register another card and make deposits with it.

6. How do I check my transaction history?

To check your transaction history, simply click on “Transactions” which can be found within the drop menu of both the cash and the card wallet.

7. How long does it take to settle a bet?

Unless a specific reference is made in the individual section that covers the sport, settlement of all markets will be based on the official competition rules and bets will only be settled after official confirmation of results has been received from official organizers of the competition or event.

8. How do I place my bets on the sports book?

To place a sports bet, simply navigate to the sports (e.g. Soccer or Tennis) and then the event you wish to place your bet e.g. English Premier League and select the odds for the event.

See the Betting Rules Section for all the markets e.g. Match Result, Double Chance, Goals Market, etc available in the sports book.

9. How do I place my bets on the lottery?

To place a lottery bet, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Select the game (and draw number), you wish to place a bet on
  • Switch banker ball on or off (depending on whether you want to play a banker ball or not)
  • Select your numbers
  • Specify your bet type e.g. NAP 2, PERM 2, PERM 3, etc
  • Type in your stake amount on the bet slip
  • Click on the “Place a Bet” button
10. How do I check my bet results?

You can easily check your bet results for recent bets by clicking on the “Settled Bets” section of the bet slip.

For older bets, you can click on “Transactions” below the cash or card wallet and enter the date filter or other details to search for the bet results.

11. Can I change my username?

Unfortunately no. The username chosen during the registration process cannot be changed afterwards

12. How can I change my password?

Login to your account, select your profile name and click on “Change Password” from the drop menu. Type in your new password and confirm the password.

13. Can I open more than one premierbet.ng account?

No, multiple accounts are not allowed 14. Are there any fees when depositing?

No, there are no fees when depositing

15. Are there any fees when withdrawing?

Yes, a processing fee of a fixed percentage of the withdrawal amount is charged

16. Can I cancel a bet?

No, a confirmed bet cannot be cancelled for any reason.